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About Us
Quikr ev chargers for Green Future

Quikr is a UAE based leading distributer for leading premium manufacturers of EV chargers.
Quikr is a marketplace for electric car chargers and accessories. We enable buyers to find and order EV chargers and accessories of all cars types,and make it easy for everyone to start exploring the world of EVs. We represent the best brands in the market to ensure delivering the highest quality produts along with aftersales services.

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Our Services
Quikr Services & Products

Quikr provides a wide range of services and products serving the electric vehicle sector users.

Home chargers

Different models of the home wall-box and portable charging stations.

Commercial chargers

Different models of commercial wall-box, towers, and super-fast DC charging stations.

Solution Management

Managing and developing technology to manage your chargers commercially.

Technical installation

Experienced technical team is fully trained on EV chargers installation.

Vehicle Brands

Quikr provides a wide range of services and products serving the electric vehicle sector users.

Technical Visit

We will a technical visit inspect your power load, connections and your EV specifications.

Choosing Charger

Depends on the collected data from the technical visit, we are going to share with you the chargers models can fit you.

Installing Your Station

We will send our technical team to install your selected chargers in your location along with all connections.

How To Get Your EV Charger?
How To Get Your EV Charger?

You can install your own EV charger in 24 hours to enjoy chraging your EV simply in your location.

Actually, it is a very technical question relying on different aspects such as car specifications, available power source, and the installed charger. Mainly, most of the available AC chargers are having charging speeds of 3.5KW up to 22KW. If your power source is 3 Phase and your EV is 3 Phase also, so we can install a 22KW AC charger if there is availability of 22KW in your electricity DBox.
It is a mathematical calculation that you can do yourself. We will take you through how to calculate it easily. If you have an AC charger with a speed of 22KW and your car is 3 Phase, this means you can charge 22KW per hour and if you have an EV battery capacity of 88KW it means that you will divide 88 by 22 to know that it will take you 4 hours to charge your EV fully.
AC charger is the fast charging station coming up to 22KW and can be used in the home, workplace, and any personal location. The DC charger is a very costly charging station that you can locate commercially in the public areas and it is a super fast-charging station with a speed up to 135KW
We can easily assume or calculate how much power consumption can one electric vehicle consume per month to understand how much power will you need and how much will it cost. Kilometers: Assuming that normally vehicles in Dubai are driving up to 30,000KM per year which is 2,500KM per month. Charging Cycles: Taking an example of VW ID4 car, it is driving up to 550KM per charge as per the manual. Assuming that it is going to have only 400KM per charge. It means that it needs 6.25 full charges per month to serve the assumed kilometers. Charging Rate: As per Dewa’s Electricity Tariff, it is 23 fils/kWh + VAT. Monthly Power Consumption: Using the same example car in 2.b, the full battery is 84KW. So, we have a total monthly power consumption of 525KW. Monthly Billing: Following previous points, we can find out that the total monthly billing is going to be AED120.75 + VAT which is coming as AED126.79.
As we have different EV specifications in the market nowadays so we have different charging protocols. We have Type1 & Type 2 protocols for European and USA markets. We have GB/T protocol for China market, and finally, we have the Chademo protocol for Japan market. In Quikr we are providing cables for all available protocols and even we are providing adapters that can allow you to convert any protocol to another to be able to use any charging station.